Tide Prediction for Android FAQ

1. When I try to download the app from the market, it says it is not available. What´s wrong?
The app is only available in those countries, for which there is tide data included (see question 3. below). The filtering process by country in the Android Market works by reading the country of your phones SIM card.

2. Search by location is not active. My GPS is enabled. What´s wrong?
Localisation by GPS may take some minutes to get a fix and only works outdoors. For faster localisation, you can enable "Location by Wi-Fi and/or mobile networks" in the location & security settings of your phone which is much faster, but also sends data back to Google.

3. Search by location says there are no locations found. What´s wrong?
Sorry, but it seems there are no locations in the data set of the app nearby (closer than 1000 km).
At the moment, the tide prediction app comes included with tide locations for USA, Canada, Mexico UK, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.
The app uses the set of harmonic constants provided by the xTide project. The set includes constants for about 3000 locations around the world.
I am currently working on including the missing minor tide stations as well, so the number of stations might be increased in the future.

4. How are daylight savings / time zones handled in Tide Prediction?
At the moment, the app takes the time zone settings of the phone to calculate the offset to GMT / UTC time. All tide calculations are first performed with GMT / UTC time. In a second step, the time offsets are applied. This means, if you e. g. live on the west coast of the States and your phone is set to this time zone - and you look at predictions for the east coast - the result will be displayed with regard to west coast time.

5. What about the license?
Tide Prediction is provided for free without any warranty. It is for non-commercial use only and NOT FOR NAVIGATION. For the harmonic constants from xTide provided within the application, the special licence agreements of the xTide project also applies. Read here.

6. Whom to thank or to blame for?
For feedback, bugs, improvements please feel free to contact me at michael@muchoviento.net.

last update on 04.09.2011